Susan Mason

Engineer, Firefighter, EMT


Mark Brandwene

Engineer, Firefighter, EMT

Sam Capwell

Firefighter, EMT

Derick Delucchi

Firefighter, EMT

Ian Kent

Firefighter, EMT

Andrew Klofas

Firefighter, EMT

Jason Laine

Firefighter, EMT

Hilary Scheer

Firefighter, EMT

Rebecca Stoller

Firefighter, EMR

Nicholas Weighall

Firefighter, EMT

Medical Responders

Matthew Kaufman


Brandon Peevyhouse


Sisi Song


Join Us

There are a number of ways you can join our team. We are always looking for community members to help in any way they can. We have a number of programs depending on your level of training and dedication.


To respond as a firefighter, you must attend a comprehensive Firefighter Academy as well as pass medical certification requirements.


Emergency Medical Responders must pass the same medical requiremets as firefighters, but do not have to attend a Firefighter Academy.

Auxiliary and Board

If Firefighter or EMR doesn't seem right for you, join our team as an auxiliary member! You don't need to run into burning building to be a huge help.


We have a great community of CERT members here in Bonny Doon. Visit the CERT page for more info on how to join them.

If you are unsure where you can fit in, enter your email below and come join one of our training meetings. This gives us an opportinity to meet you and field any questions you may have.

More Info

Non-Profit Board Members

Ted Fairbanks


Hank Moeller

Chairman, CERT

Rebecca Stoller


Auxiliary Members

The fire team could not function without the assistance of the Auxiliary. Special thanks go to Stephanie Jessen for her years of support, and to Jean Meyer who, for reasons none of us have been able to figure out, seems happy to get up and make breakfast for the team when we get a call at 3:00am.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping staff our fundraising events or just helping out in general, please contact the auxiliary by calling Bonny Doon Station.

Board Members

The Board has the legal responsibility for managing the business affairs of the fire team, while the Company Officers manage the operational aspect. Bonny Doon Fire Team was incorporated in 1968 as “Bonny Doon Volunteer Fire/Rescue, Inc.” and has been designated as a charitable, non-profit corporation under the IRS Code 501(c)(3) since June 1971. Contributions are tax deductable (Our EIN is 23-7093810). Visit our donations page for more information.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month at McDermott Fire Station 7276 Empire Grade starting at noon. Meetings are open to all fire team, auxiliary members, and members of the community we serve. Annual May meetings are general corporation meetings where we nominate open board directors seats. Directors serve a two year term, with two seats open in even-numbered years and three in odd-numbered years. Annual June meetings are also a general corporation meeting, at which elections for the Board are held.

Board Contact Information

If you have business which you would like to board to consider, please send e-mail to