Santa Cruz County Fire Company 32
7276 Empire Grade, Santa Cruz CA 95060
Tel: (831) 426-1561 Fax: (831) 426-4591

Welcome to the website for Bonny Doon Volunteer Fire & Rescue!

We are an all-volunteer organization, and a unit of the Santa Cruz County Fire Department. We are dispatched along with the paid CalFire engine crew from the Fall Creek Station on Empire Grade, to emergencies in the Bonny Doon area. These include medical emergencies, motor vehicle accidents, injured hikers, mountain bikers or horseback riders, as well as both structure and wildland fires.

We operate six vehicles-- which include three fire engines, a water tender, a 4WD rescue squad, and a 4WD utility truck. We are equipped to handle vehicle extrications and cliff rescues, and are sometimes called down to Highway One to assist the Davenport Volunteers of Company 37, who are dispatched along with the CalFire engine from the Big Creek Station on Swanton Road. In addition to receiving training in firefighting and rescue, all of our volunteers are licensed Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs) or Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and carry jump bags in their own private vehicles-- so that if they are close to the scene of a medical emergency, they may be the first to arrive.


Community Volunteer Recruitment Open House

Saturday June 15th, 2013 & Saturday July 27th, 2013††

10AM to 2PM

at the McDermott Station on Empire Grade


The way the Santa Cruz County Fire Department works in rural areas like Bonny Doon, is that 9-1-1 calls are responded to by a paid CalFire engine crew, and a company of volunteer firefighters. This is because even with a CalFire response-- which in winter months may consist of one officer and one firefighter, and in summer months may be compromised if there are wildfires in other parts of the stateómost calls require more personnel and equipment than a single engine can provide by itself. Without a volunteer response, mutual-aid must be called for from adjacent fire districts. This takes precious time in an emergency for assistance to arrive, and depletes other areas of their resources. Communities such as Bonny Doon depend on a well trained and available company of volunteer firefighters to respond with enough personnel and equipment to provide necessary services in a timely manner. We are currently understaffed, so to be able to always provide an adequate response to the residents and guests of Bonny Doon in emergencies, WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS!

Volunteer firefighters come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Some are pursuing a career in the fire service or medicine, and would like to get training and gain invaluable hands-on experience while serving their neighbors. Others decide to volunteer out of a simple desire to serve and protect their community. These volunteers may work at home, in town, or over the hill, or be partially or fully retired. Residents who are employed by other fire departments can put their experience to use here in Bonny Doon, and are welcomed into the volunteers. The current roster includes both male and female volunteers, aged 18 to 65 years of age.

To find out more, call the firehouse or come to one of the Open Houses we're hosting. You'll have a chance to meet and talk with the volunteer firefighters, ask questions, see the equipment, and find out how you can help. Refreshments will be provided, but in the spirit of "everyone has something to offer," feel free to bring cookies or baked goods to share!

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class

Saturday June 29th, July 6th & July 13th, 2013††

8AM to 5PM

at the McDermott Station on Empire Grade


We will be putting on a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class this summer. This 24-hour class, given over three consecutive Saturdays, will train Bonny Doon residents in emergency preparedness and response to disasters such as earthquakes, severe winter storms, and wildland fires, when even the most fully staffed official response system will be overwhelmed, compromised, and delayed by many calls for assistance, and a disruption of power, communication, and transportation infrastructure. Disasters such as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans have shown that residents should be prepared to be on their own for three to seven days following a large scale disaster, before outside help arrives. Your family is counting on you to have disaster supplies and a plan, and people will naturally reach out to help their neighbors. CERT training can prepare people to help in a safe and effective way, rather than adding to the list of victims. Some people take the CERT class purely for personal preparedness, but for those who would like to be available as members of a trained team of county Disaster Service Workers, this is that opportunity.


To find out more about the CERT class and register to participate, come by the Open House on June 15th! You can also send an email to, leave a message at the McDermott Station (831-426-1561), or call instructor Dave Spencer (415-531-8271). More information about CERT can be found on the Community page of this website.



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